YouTube Audio Ads: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube audio ads are a new ad format that allows brands to reach their target audience with audio content on the video platform. The ads were launched by YouTube in November 2020 as part of the platform’s strategy to engage music and podcast listeners. They are designed to serve brand awareness and reach goals.

YouTube audio ads work by playing audio content to users as they consume other types of content on the platform, such as watching videos or browsing the site. The format is primarily characterized by a voiceover, but there is also an image or animation component that displays on the screen when the ad is played. Audio ads run on a CPM basis and share similar characteristics with video ads.

Here’s an example of a YouTube audio ad with a simple animation display:

Where Do YouTube Audio Ads Show Up?

YouTube audio ads show up in a variety of locations on the platform, including music and podcast content in various genres such as pop, rock, country, EDM, rap, and hip hop. In addition, the ads are also made for audio music and podcasts. Google is also rolling out dynamic music lineups to their targeting options.

Eligibility for YouTube Audio Ads

To be eligible for YouTube audio ads, brands must not be in certain restricted industries such as healthcare, medicine, alcohol, gambling, or other sensitive verticals. Brands also must run two Brand Lift surveys before being eligible for the open beta.

Audio Ads Specifications

  • Ad length: 15 seconds max
  • File size: 128GB max
  • Resolution: 426×240 (240p) to 3840×2160 (2160p)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Companion banner & Call-to-Action available by request

Audience targeting for YouTube audio ads can be done using custom intent based on Google searches, as well as a combination of layering in-market and detailed demographic targeting. These targeting options help to ensure that the ads reach the intended audience and are more likely to be effective in reaching brand awareness and reaching goals.

In conclusion, YouTube audio ads offer an additional avenue for brands to reach their target audience on the platform. The ad format is designed for brand awareness and reach goals and has similar campaign set-up and targeting options as video ads. With the growing popularity of music and podcast content on YouTube, audio ads provide a new way for brands to engage with users who consume this type of content. It’s worth considering to test this new initiative to see if it can be a beneficial addition to your marketing strategy, but always keep in mind the restrictions and requirements before starting the campaign.

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